Galapagos Islands are in!

Priit: As Susan already noted in our previous post, the Galapagos islands were not in our plans at all. The matter of the fact was, that the prices for the islands are just expensive. We checked out some cruises and voilà 3000$+ PER PERSON. Of course we were both a bit down about this, Susan more than me, since of the two of us, she is the bigger biology fan, but we had decided not to.

But then something happened:I went to my work outing and had a chat with my boss about my upcoming adventure, and to my amazement, my boss told me that he had been to the Galapagos Islands for his honeymoon, and that this was something not to miss out on. Granted, he had gone there a long time ago, but he wholeheartedly told me not to miss this by any means.

Then I really started checking out the prices for the galapagos plane tickets, and they were actually not that expensive. When I say they were not that crazy expensive, I mean they were normally priced 300 USD return per person, as opposed to the cruises that take place in the islands, which range in the 3000-6000 USD range. I mean like wtf? Seriously? I got the tickets booked and was happy to surprise Susan with the information that I had already gone ahead and bought the tickets there and to Quito after. So there was no returning from that point.

So the Plan will be to continue our trip normally as per original plan, but instead of the time we would have spent near the coast, we will actually take a plane from Guyaquil to Isla Baltra (One of 2 Galapagos Islands that has an airport), stay there for 7 days, and then fly from Isla Baltra directly back to Quito.

Since money is still a big concern for our adventures, I want to use this blog (Six Days for 900 USD: Doing the Galapagos on a budget) as a guideline on what to do and when and where.

Currently, while writing this post, the plan is still very much open, on what we are going to actually do there and where we will stay the nights and stuff. But in a sense this is also nice, no expectations – no pressure.


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